[App] C# Programming Tutorial

C# (C Share) language programming is used for popular in the world. In application, you can learn how to write a program from basic to advanced.

You can use class to archieve data in C#. This is new function in C#. With using class, you can write code one time, use many time. With inheritance class in C#, we can build many function with less time.
What you’ll learn:
+ Write a basic program using C#
+ Using if..else, switch..case, for loop, while loop, do..while for calculating
+ Know how to use functions, parameters in C#
+ Using and compare struct, union in C#
+ One Dimension Array, Two Dimension Array and Multiple Dimension Array and process them.
+ Know and using string, pointer in C#
+ Know class, object and inheritance in C#.
+ Polymorphism and overriding in C#.
This app for free and support at www.tutorial-all.org

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