[App] C Programming Tutorial

C language programming is used for popular in the world. In application, you can learn how to write a program from basic to advanced.

You can use class to archieve data in C. This is new function in C. With using class, you can write code one time, use many time.
With inheritance class in C, we can build many function with less time.

* What you’ll learn:
- Write a basic program using C
- Using if..else, switch..case, for loop, while loop, do..while for calculating
- Know how to use functions, parameters in C
- Using and compare struct, union in C
- One Dimension Array, Two Dimension Array and Multiple Dimension Array and process them.
- Know and using string, pointer in C
- Know class and inheritance.
- Polymorphism and overriding in C
This app for free and support at www.tutorial-all.org

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