[Tips] How new phone charging properly and effectively?

[Tips] How new phone charging properly and effectively?

When buying a new phone you need to charge the battery as recommended by the manufacturer to increase usage time and extend the life of batteries. Salespeople also need to remind you is sufficiently charged 3 times and each time 8-10 hours
How new phone charging properly and effectively?

- First time charging: For charging and charging status unchanged from 8-10 hours and can be charged immediately after purchase without having to wait until the batteries run out of power. For convenience, so charging at night, plug the charger continuously for 8-10 hours and then can be removed using. During the charging process should prevent accidental disconnection and to continuous charging.

- Activity 2: Only proceed after taking power depletion of the First and charging time also perform from 8-10 hours as the first charge.

- 3rd: Only proceed when used out of charge before battery charging and also continuous from 8-10 hours of charging twice as before.

- The next time: Do not charge the battery when the battery is still more and should also avoid collapse source as this will reduce battery life. Please charge the battery while 1 bar or when your phone needs charging.


The manufacturer recommends that, but if I do not follow the prescribed 3 times 8 hours to charge it does not affect the battery, some advice if you do not follow this rule, not charging or not charging 3 first 8 hours of battery will be bottles, batteries soon run out so wrong advice of your dentist.

How to charge the battery during use of the machine:

- Do not charge the battery when the battery longer, and not to let the new collapse charging source, so when the alarm battery charger to charge conventional battery below 15% battery will report.

- Do not charge the battery overnight, because the only time fully charge the battery from 2-4 hours, to overnight will affect battery life. Note: The battery life depends on the number of times the battery charger, charging the battery as often as quickly decreased longevity.

- For fast charging, you should turn off the machine, because the machine is powered down, the machine will not be fit for discharge status should just charge the charging time will be much faster.

- As is the case less than 10% battery machine, but can not charge at the time, should be shut down, until the battery charger will protect better.

- Some manufacturers are encouraged, when no need to use, such as when sleep should turn off the machine, in addition to turning off the phone 1 times 1 week.

- When not using the machine for long periods 1 to remove the battery from the machine, about 1 month should take place 1 time charging, if the battery is not used for a long time not on the rechargeable battery, to enable the battery, or batteries may be damaged.

- Do not charge the phone use, and guaranteed to be recharged by charger, genuine cable according to the case, to avoid the risk of explosion regrettably occur.

Using the phone battery in a scientific and reasonable

- Turn off functions like Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, positioning when not used for these functions consume a lot of your battery life.

- To a reasonable screen brightness in accordance with the environment used. Often only inadequate or less.

- For automatic locking mode screen after 1 to 1.5 minutes.

- Off underground applications when not in use such as gaming, web, app.

- Check the network and machines often because the machine in areas with poor reception, the machine consumes more battery to catch waves online.


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