[App] Halloween lock screen

[App] Halloween lock screen

With flexible customization, Android increasingly demonstrate their own strength compared with rivals such as iOS or par Windowsphone. Unlike iOS or Windowsphone, with Android you can change all that around this operating system, such as deleting system apps, additional custom install many different interfaces, including the main interface or even lock screen ....
Halloween lock screen

With the aim of providing the best products for users, today I would like to introduce to you a new application called Screen Lock Oplai group, promises to bring you more surprise. As welcome Halloween products should make sure that the subject application is towards 2015 Halloween season.

These images were carved pumpkin under the imaginary face, murky scene at midnight, ... certainly will not be lacking in this application. Although newly launched not long ago but every day there are thousands of downloads. This contribution demonstrates the perfect app Lock Screen to make any.

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