[App] Tutorial Database full

[App] Tutorial Database full

You will study general knowledge like the concept, the environment, the activities way, create database, create table, delete database, ... This knowledge designed, presented the simple but the complete, easy to understand. I sure you will feel this app like a roving mini library of yourself.
This app helps you not only learn better but also like a small handbook help remember easily knowledges. It is quite convenient, right?

In addition, content of app presented clear, the simple interface, the quick manipulation, particularly very small capacity, you absolutely can safely download and install on the smart device by yourself.

* Feature:
- The interface simple
- The small capacity, suitable with many smart device nowadays
- This app is free
- Reserved for Android operating system.
- The sufficient content, clear
This app like a small smart dictionary to help you study and learn better. What are you waiting for, quickly download and install on your device, it will help you a lot of.

 Database tutorial

Good luck!


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