[eBook Apps] Self-study ICT

[eBook Apps] Self-study ICT

We are glad to present to you a collection of self-study guide applications of information technology. These applications are particularly useful for students of information technology

It is interesting that these applications are network:
- All free
- Content is updated continuously
- The design is simple, easy to use
- Runs well trê most devices running Android OS

* List of apps for Android:

1. All Tutorial For Programmer [Download]

2. Learn Database [Download]

3. Learn Mainframe [Download]

4. Learn Management ICT [Download]

5. Learn MISC [Download]

6. Learn Script Programming [Download]

7. Learn Microsoft Technologies [Download]

8. Learn Telecom [Download]

9. Learn XML Technogogies [Download]

10. Learn Digital Marketing [Download]

11. Learn Bigdata [Download]

12. Learn MS Excel [Download]

13. Learn MS Word [Download]

14. Learn MS Powerpoint [Download]

15. Learn MS Access [Download]

16. Learn Kingsoft Office [Download]

17. MS Excel Function Tutorial [Download]


Good luck!

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