[Store app Amazon] List apps for Programmer

[Store app Amazon] List apps for Programmer

Useful Android app store for developers and students studying Information TechnologyList of applications like your guidebook full detail, covering all important areas in the Information Technology sector, especially computer programming.

The application is designed to be simple, easy to use, can be run on most Android devices.

*** List of applications:

1. Learn Hadoop: [Install]

2. International Business Management: [Install]

3. Learn Powerpoint 2010: [Install]

4. Learn Accounting Basics:  [Install]

5. Learn Interpersonal Skills: [Install]

6. Management Concepts: [Install]

7. Learn DBMS:  [Install]

8. Learn Managerial Economics:  [Install]

9. S_W Development Life Cycle: [Install]

10. Learn KnockoutJS: [Install]

11. Information Security and Cyber Law: [Install]

12. Learn Anger Management: [Install]

13. Learn Perl: [Install]

14. Learn Compiler Design: [Install]

15. Learn Self Esteem: [Install]

16. Learn Objective C: [Install]

17. Software Architecture Design: [Install]

18. Learn IPv6: [Install]

19. Learn Business Dress Code: [Install]

20. Learn CSharp: [Install] 

....

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