Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, which allows players to Capture, Trade (Trading TBD) and Battle virtual creatures (Pokémon) in the real world. Pokémon Go can be played on Mobile Devices and requires both GPS and an Internet connection to play.

Before you download Pokémon Go, be sure to check if your device meets the necessary specifications and requirements.

Pokémon Go requires an Android or iOS Device with GPS and Internet access (WiFi or Mobile Data) to play. Android devices must have version 4.3 or higher and iOS users must have an iPhone 5 or better. Not sure if you meet the requirements? Learn which OS your phone is currently running.

Downloading the Game
The game can be downloaded in either the Google Play App Store (Android users) or the iTunes App Store (iOS users). Depending on your device, simply head over to either Virtual Store and search Apps for “ Pokémon Go”. Click on “Install” and you should be good to go.

Be sure to have at least 200MB of free storage space to download the App. The initial download is around 50MB, but there may be new updates to download as well.

If the storage space on your device is insufficient you will be prompted with a message upon the attempted download. Simply delete unused files (Apps, Pictures, Videos, etc.) or clear your Cache to free up the necessary space.


This section goes over the basic Terms, Settings and Controls every new Pokémon Go player should know.


There are a variety of different Terms used in Pokémon Go, which some players may not be familiar with. Be sure to check out the Glossary to learn more about the commonly used Terms and Phrases in Pokemon Go.

  Game Settings

You have the ability to zoom in and out of the map while traveling. In addition, you can choose to turn on the Battery Saver mode, which is very useful for conserving power (especially if you don’t have a backup battery).

Game Controls

You are the controller. Simply start walking and your virtual Trainer will travel along with you. Use your touchscreen to interact with the Menu.

Pokémon and Locations on your Map. The controls are simple to use and you will get accustomed to them in a short period of time.

If you have intend to use the Pokémon Go Plus, make sure to keep your phone's Bluetooth setting on.

When connected wirelessly, you will be able to capture Pokemon without needing to look at your smartphone.

- pokemongodb.net

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