Pokemon Go may look like a simple mobile App at first glance, but the unique combat system really helps turn Pokemon Go into a fun and in-depth strategy game.

Type Effectiveness
In battle, choosing the correct Pokemon Type(s) and Move Type(s) is critical to your success. As mentioned above in Section 5.2.3, a particular Move Type may deal significant damage to a particular Pokemon if that Pokemon is at a Type disadvantage.

If the Pokemon has a Type advantage it will take less damage from Moves of that Type.

There are 18 different Types in total, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Do you know that Bug Type Moves are Super Effective against Grass & Psychic Type Pokemon? Or that Bug Type Pokemon are vulnerable to Rock, Fire & Flying Type Moves?

Be sure to check out the Full List of Pokemon Types and Move Types to learn how to gain that significant advantage in battle.

8.2 Team Optimization
Being that every Type of Pokemon has a weakness, it is impossible to build a Pokemon Team with zero weaknesses. However, what you can do is choose to use Pokemon with Types that will complement each other.

For example, instead of using only Bug, Grass and Ice Type Pokemon (all weak against Fire) add a Water Type Pokemon to your Team. Fire Moves are Not Very Effective against Water Pokemon and Water Type Moves are Super Effective against Fire Types. Choosing Pokemon with this strategy in mind will help to minimize your Team's weaknesses, ultimately making your team more powerful.

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